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 Audiovisual and Documentary Filmmaking


The Crossing

Audiovisual and Documentary Filmmaking

Just over Haiti's frontier stands the Dominican Republic and the bright promise of education for their next generation. Fifteen-year-old Evens is one of the hundreds of young people who yearn to seize that opportunity. But it is the first step each day that is the most challenging.


To attend school, they must illegally cross the border, via the Massacre River, the site where 20,000 Haitians were executed during the dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo in the Dominican Republic. They strive to seize their fate and make their fortune, never quite certain if they will be allowed to cross and never quite sure if they will be permitted to remain in school. It is through Evens' story that we discover the stark differences between two countries on the same island that are divided by more than just a border. 


Year of production: 2014  

Runtime 25 min

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