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YC Creative Platform is passionately committed to re-center important local narratives as a way to understand where we came from and who are we becoming during our passage through this world.

Through filmmaking, creative storytelling, XR/VR technology, we are currently focusing on the traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) and cultural expression of coastal communities, as a path for local community transformation.

Created by Yara Costa, a Mozambican woman filmmaker and artist, based on the UNESCO World heritage of the Island of Mozambique, YC Creative Platform believes that wisdom within the century old Swahili maritime cultural heritage is key in dealing with the current global environmental and climate crisis.

When we make films, art installations, immersive podcasts, that look at us, we are also preserving Mozambique's unique cultural heritage. On the long run, YC Creative Platform wants to create potential income opportunities, in that process, for people within local communities

Through our projects, we want to produce creative local content in a participatory, acknowledging, honoring way while pushing the agenda of traditional knowledge within the communities as a way to continue building environmental and social positive transformation and potentially have those non-destructive, non-polluting, regenerating ancestral practices respected as ecosystem services where communities can be compensated for the service of preserving the environment. 




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